Asia is a popular destination for tourists to explore thousands of years history, delicious Asian cuisine, diverse cultures from East to West Asia and hospitality from local people. 

1. Best Time to Visit

You may visit Asia any time all year around. Most Asian countries have very mild winter or no winters. The summer could be extremely hot in certain areas. Try to avoid statutory holidays as all major attractions are packed during these times (e.g., first week of May and first week of October in China). 

2. Travel Budget

All museums, galleries, historical sites and other attractions are not free for admission. Some attractions' admission can be costly for tourists because of architecture maintenance fees and environmental restrictions under the World Heritage Site agreement. Small electronics, clothes, shoes, hats, souvenirs and other regular consumer products have large selections with attractive price for tourists. Bargaining skill is important as not all price is marked on the product. As most Asian countries are developing countries, so labour cost is low compared to Europe and North America. Hair cut is as low as 2 USD. Massage therapy is as low as 5 USD for one hour. Change watch battery for only 2 - 3 USD with new battery included. Purchase tempered glass type of screen protector for cell phone or camera screen protector for 2 USD with free installation. Tourists may take advantage of these low-cost services during your trip. Taxi service is very affordable in most Asian countries. Taxi fare is as low as 1 USD for 3 km. Some taxi may not be equipped a meter, so make sure to negotiate with taxi drivers before your ride. In some Asian countries, providers very similar as Uber (e.g., Didi Chuxing) are available as well. 

3. Flights 

Over 30 airlines offer direct flights from Europe and North America to Asia. Tourist may enjoy the low cost of flight fares due to airline competitions. Most ticket sales can be seen from November to April in the next year. For example, from USA/Canada to China return flight including taxes as low as $500 Canadian Dollars (or $350 USD). From Europe to China return trip as low as 400 Euro. Low budget airlines EasyJet and Ryan Air started their route services to Jordan from multiple East, West and South Europe cities as of 2018. The flight fare is as low as 9 Euro for one-way about 5 hours flight. Domestic flights in certain Asian countries have ticket sale very often due to airline or high speed train competitions. Overall, the domestic flights in most Asian countries are much cheaper than fly within North America. 

4. Hotels

Large selections of hotels and Airbnb in Asian countries. Tourists should book ahead of time during the trip planning. Some Asian countries' local travel agents may have deals with local hotels for a discount price. Book Airbnb from the link below will save you $62 CAD/$43 USD instantly for your first stay anywhere around the world:

5. Food

Food is extremely affordable for tourists. A cooked hot meal with or without protein is as low as 2 USD. Tourists with diet restriction will have no concerns at all because vegetarian meals are easily found anywhere in Asian countries. Enjoy the delicious Asian Cuisine and experience local cultures are great experience. Tap water is not recommended for drinking, so purchase bottled water (0.2 USD in most Asian countries) during your trip. Tourists should receive hepatitis A and B (or TWINRIX) vaccinations prior to your oversea trip. 


6. Credit Card vs. Foreign Currencies

Credit card is not regularly accepted in most Asian countries, so you may get currency exchange before your oversea trip. However, airports and limited department stores may accept credit cards.


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China: Beijing, Benxi, Chengdu, Dalian, Dali, Datong, Dujiangyan, Fushun, Guilin, Hangzhou, Huanglong, Huangshan, Jinan, Jinzhou, Jiuzaigou, Kunming, Leshan, Lijing, Luzhi, Nanjing, Panjing, Penglai, Pingyao, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shijiazhang, Shiling, Suzhou, Taihu, Taishan, Taiyuan, Wutaishan, Wuhan, Wuxi, Xi'an, Xianyang, Yantai, Yangshuo, Yichang, Yingkou, Yulong, Zhangjiajie

Japan: Tokyo

Jordan: Ajlun, Amman, Aqaba, Dead Sea, Jerash, Karak, Madaba, Qasr Amra, Wadi Rum


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