The Bahamas has the best beach and clearest water that I have ever seen for my world travel so far. Normally the visibility of regular seawater is 10 meters, the famous Indian Ocean country – Maldives is 40 meters and the Bahamas’s visibility of seawater is 61 meters. Bahamas is the haven for photographers. Also, pink or pure white sand beaches make Bahamas as a popular cruise destination.


1. Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Bahamas is during the peak season, which runs from mid-December to the end of April. The hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30.  I visited the Bahamas by the NCL cruise in May and the weather was nice and sunny.  

2. Travel Budget

The travel expense in Bahamas is high. Bahamian Dollars is about the same value as US dollars (1:1 ratio). The daily budget travelling in Bahamas should be minimum 120 USD. For backpack travers, you will need at 85 USD per day for food, hostel and other daily expenses.   

3. Flights

There are numerous flights from Canada and USA. British Airways and German Condor also fly there from Europe. If you travel from Asia, you may transfer through Eastern Canada or USA. It is always to book your flight early to secure the good price.

4. Hotels

You may stay at hotels or Airbnb properties in the Bahamas. Book Airbnb from the link below will save you $62 CAD/$43 USD/41 Euros instantly for your first stay anywhere around the world:

The capital city Nassau has a well-know five-star hotel – the Atlantis. James Bond (007)’s movie was filmed at this hotel. Certain part of this hotel is free for tourists to see.


5. Credit Card vs. Foreign Currencies

Visa, MasterCard and American Express and debit card are widely accepted throughout Nassau Paradise Island and duty-free shops at the cruise port. US currency is accepted by most shops in Bahamas.



Trip Highlights


NCL Cruise at Private Island

NCL Cruise Private Island


The beach of NCL Cruise Private Island


Crystal clear sea water


Crystal clear sea water and nice white sand beach


Crystal clear sea water


Queen’s Staircase in Nassau. Cut by slaves into solid limestone in the late 18th century, the 66 steps known as the Queen’s Staircase gave troops protected access to Fort Fincastle.


Fort Fincastle in Nassau


Government House (Georgian Colonial Architecture) was built on the top of Mount Fitzwilliam in 1801. It is the residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas.


Magna Carta Court in Nassau


The famous Atlantis hotel: please see the bridge (most expensive rooms) connecting two buildings.



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