Tokyo's Night

Tokyo Day Time

Beijing to Tokyo by Air China (good flight)

Must Do

1. Try Japanese style noodle and Sushi during your trip in Japan. 

2. GINZA SIX has a observation deck to see Tokyo city skyline with no admission charge

3. Get your tax refund for daily purchase over 5000 Yen. 

4. Show your passport and pick up "Hello Kitty" Card at Department Store Takashimaya for 5% off for over 5000 Yen purchase.

5. Shop cosmetics at SUNDRUG which has the lowest price in Japan. Coupons are available at the store entrance. 

6. Shop at Don Quijote where sells almost everything (e.g., clothes, electronics, household items, etc) in Japan. One location for any thing you needed.

7. Shop at "大国药妆" (Cosmetics Store) which closes late (even open at midnight).

8. Buy Japanese electronics at top three stores: Big Camera、友都八喜 and LAOX. Due to competition, their prices are very similar.

9. Shop Japanese style clothes at "优衣库" for UV protection clothes and underlayers

10. Shop at "GU" for pajamas and underlayers.

11. Shop study supplies and candies for children at "MUJI"


1. Don't leave a tip. Japan does not have a tipping culture.

2. Don't blow your nose in the public.

3. Avoid loud phone conversations in the public

4. Don't point to people or things which considered as rude in Japan

5. Don't ignore the queuing system (Japanese love line up)

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